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VISIBEAD® Safety Marking Spheres

Reflectorized pavement marking lines make a significant contribution to highway safety, especially in conditions of poor visibility at night and in wet weather. Applying Potters VISIBEAD® Highway Safety Marking Sphere technology is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase highway safety in these conditions.  

VISIBEAD Benefits:
◾Stand higher = More visible than conventional glass beads in inclement weather conditions 
◾Overcome limitations of conventional glass beads providing superior wet-night visibility
◾Three to four times the diameter of conventional glass beads = Improved durability and
 unique clarity 
◾Meet or exceed every standard in effect today, consistent in quality & composition, & 
 exhibit excellent durability 
◾Meet and exceed the rigorous heavy metals limitation standards set forth by state and federal standards 
◾Easily applied with existing equipment as drop-on spheres in all commercial applications 
◾Used in waterborne paint, epoxy, polyester, thermoplastic, MMA, polyurethane, polyurea and
 VOC-compliant paints 
◾Specialized coatings enable these spheres to combine chemically with the binder = Improved
 adhesion, optimized embedment & maximized retroreflectivity 
◾Potters Industries’ VISIGUN® safety marking sphere dispenser is designed for optimal application
 of VISIBEAD® spheres 
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